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Soundings is a quarterly journal published by Ark Ministries in Berea, Kentucky, as part of a ministry which has as its goal the fostering of spiritual growth and community life. It features articles and other material focusing upon spirituality and related areas, such as creative expression, resources for healing, and ways of connecting more deeply with the natural world around us. It also includes information about The Ark retreat center and other aspects of this ministry.

The theme of the current issue of Soundings continues our focus on suffering as a pathway to ‘soul-making’ (borrowing a term from Keats), including issues related to contemporary culture, understandings of suffering reflected in some of the major religious traditions, and ways in which suffering may offer experiences that enlarge our lives and give them deeper meaning. This issue also includes a review of Thomas Moore’s new book, Dark Nights of the Soul. To read the lead article, “Suffering and Soul-Making (II),” click here.

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